The Steyr F88 gallery, includes the A1, A1C, S, SC.Currently in Australian service the Steyr F88 family has a range of accessories and configurations from when it was first introduced into service. As you will see below, all of our military trophy plaques can be customized in any particular style. We can create your very own trophy from a tour of any deployments you’ve had.

F88 S with Wildcat sight ,NAD and 40mm GLA
F88S with Wildcat sight and DPCU background

F88A1C in a shadow box with DPCU camo

F88A1C 34 CAV with beret and interfet brassard.

F88A1 MIL skills trophy with buck bayonet and unit badge.

F88A1 Air defense with interfet brassard, ribbon bar and air force biscuit.

F88S Navy with N.A.D


F88S with Wildcat Sight

Close up of the Steyr S with NAD and the 40mm GLA
F88S with INTERFET brassard,dog tags and other gear
F88A1 with brassards and miniature medals

F88A1 Army marksman, with medal with engraving plate.

F88S with N.A.D and bayonet

F88A1C 2 CAV, with UN brassard, miniatures and 2 Cav unit badge.

RMC Duntroon

F88A1 with Auscam background

This one was made to replicate an SADF F88C (South African)

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