ASSAULT RIFLES – SLR L1A1 long barrell



SLR L1A1 – long barrellOne of Australia’s most longest serving weapons, the trusty SLR L1A1.  As you will see below, all of our military trophy plaques can be customized in any particular style. We can create your very own trophy from a tour of any deployments you’ve had.

SLR /L1A1 on JG background in a shadow box
2 service SLR w/ bayonet, and miniature medals.
RAAF w/bayonet and dog tags, and ribbon bars.
SLR on red background

SLR with bayonet, on heshin background.Engineers badge, adn cloth
rising sun.(biscuit)

OD background with helmet cover and rising sun badge.

Close up of the L1A1

Blue background with all ADF badges


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