Owen 9mmThe Owen was developed in November 1941 by Lieutenant Evelyn Owen. In total around 40,000 to 45,000 were produced by Lysaghts NSW between 1941 and September 1944.There is a few models that were developed like the
Mk I/41, Mk I/42, Mk I/43, Mk II/43, Mk I/44 etc but in the time of war different parts were over produced and added
to the models at any stages through their assembely eg: Butt stocks.
A little history! when our first troops went to Vietnam (AATTV) this was one of the weapons used.

The only owen model we do 1943 with a Mk I stock
Mk I/43
MkI/43 with and old rusty mag shells,buttons,badges etc found at an old WWII camp/training ground
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