ASSAULT RIFLES – optional extras for steyrs



Extras available – Buck Bayonet, and N.A.D (Night Aiming Device)
G.L.A For a Steyr S (Grenade Launcher Attachment)
Always ask if you require any other attachment

This F88S, gives you an example of the N.A.D, and Buck bayonet.Extras currently available for the Steyr are Buck Bayonet and the N.A.D, which is used for night operations in conjunction with your Inox head equipment or NVG gear.Wildcat sight, 40 mm GLA , 40mm rounds.We can do INERT rounds 5.56mm   .223

F88S with Wildcat sight and NAD with 40mm GLA
Close up of F88S GLA NAD and Wildcat sight
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