The M4 has come a long way since its original design, and as you will see below, we have some of the latest versions that are in use with special forces and law enforcement agencies today. As you will see below, all of our military trophy plaques can be customized in any particular style. We can create your very own trophy from a tour of any deployments you’ve had.

Australian Special forces, Afghanistan

Detail of Aust special forces – front end (top image)

Detail of Aust special forces – back end (top image)

M4/203 Shadow box for a Clearance Diver.

UK Desert Cam M4/203 Afghanistan

Our quality of our military trophy plaques, are of such high standards that we supply military contractors around the world, who in turn supply defence with the real weapons and accessories.

This one was made for a private contractor who worked
in Iraq.

This M4/203 is plain navy blue background with the two corner shoulder flags, looks bloody good!
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