PISTOLS – Browning Hi Power



Browning hi-power 9mmStill in operation with Australian Defence Forces. As you will see below, all of our military trophy plaques can be customized in any particular style. We can create your very own trophy from a tour of any deployments you’ve had.

Displayed with Aust Desert cam with playing cards/money
dogtags etc…
Browning Hi-Power 9mm , with 9mm Military training rounds.

Navy Browning
Browning 9mm with Navy badge.
Browning 9mm customized.

DPCU background with a few dummy rounds
In shadow box
Browning 9mm, Vietnam.Shirt used for background.
Navy Browning 9mm, on navy background.
Navy Browning 9mm. Hat badge, shoulder badge, miniatures.

Olympics Browning

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