Assault Rifle – AK47The AK47 was originally designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov in 1947, this is when the AK history began and is today one of the most famous guns in the world. Here’s your chance to own one of these historic military trophy plaques.As you will see below, all of our military trophy plaques can be customized in any particular style. We can create your very own trophy.

Soviet AK47 – Red background with Russian hat badges.
This particular plaque was made for a returning Timor soldier, who actually had a confrontation with militia using an AK47.Decorated with militia cam, interfet brassard and gongs.
Vietcong AK47 – Again for an Australian returned soldier. With flag, bamboo and shells.
AK47 on Brit desert cam (Iraq)
AK47 Jungle Green background

It is not widely known, but on occassions, Australian SAS and American Special Forces used AK47′s in Vietnam. OD uniform background with scrimnet and dummies.
M16 and AK47
This plaque was made for a returned soldier from Vietnam. OD background, shell casings, dummies and barbwire.
Close up of the AK47
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